About Naomi Drury

Hello and welcome

I’m Naomi and I live with my family in rural County Roscommon in the West of Ireland. We live on a farm and I welcome clients here to my therapy space where the surrounding natural world provides the ideal place for healing.

You are welcome to join me in person or via Skype to my therapy space.

Educational Background

I Hold a BSc (Hons) Psychology, Professional Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy and a Professional Certificate in Psycho Oncology. I am also accredited by the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapists (IAHIP).

What is Psychotherapy?

The term psychotherapy comes from the Greek ‘psyche’ meaning soul so can be translated as therapy for the soul. Psychotherapy really addresses issues at that deep, soul level. Bringing the awareness gained from therapy into ones current life allows us to live more freely and be at ease in ourselves. It allows us to live life joyfully and be fully present.

Healing in Relationship

Everybody has their own reasons or motivating struggles that bring them into therapy. Everyone has their own innate ability to heal and the vehicle for that healing is the therapeutic relationship. Research has shown that the relationship between client and therapist is the most important factor when determining the efficacy of therapy.

My Approach

I take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. I work with the bodymind, looking for symbolic messages in our bodily symptoms as well as that which we communicate through words. I have extensive training in pre and perinatal psychology and believe this to be the formative period for personality development. This means the period from conception to the first several years of life have the greatest impact on how we will function in relationship, in our health and in life.

I enjoy working with dreams and believe them to be a rich source of information of our souls journey.  I am a strong believer in the unconscious impact of the environment in which we live which includes our current homes and communities as well as the homes and communities in which we were born and raised.

I am originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland. Growing up during the Troubles (civil war) for me meant growing up with an abiding sense of tension and a feeling of not belonging. This has meant a long road of exploration about what it means to belong and finding home. It has also helped me understand how we experience trauma and how that is held within our body.

Living in rural West of Ireland I have found a sense of peace and wellbeing. It is an established fact that our surroundings can reduce or increase our stress levels and the rural landscape and pace of life have definitely helped to regulate mine. I also discovered belonging and home, like everything else, begins within and that healing trauma is a body and mind process.

My therapeutic style could be described as engaged and creative. I am happy to sit still or incorporate movement during a session, to listen and reflect; experiment using symbols and art and body oriented therapies and to empower you to express and explore your inner process in whatever way you find beneficial. My six years’ experience working with individuals with difficulties around relationships, addiction and co-dependency, health crises, anxiety and depression, birth trauma and life transitions mean I am familiar and comfortable with these areas.

I am open to whatever you seek to heal and if I felt another therapist would be more beneficial to you I would be happy to refer you on.

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