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From the time I was a teenager I had the good fortune to spend summer holidays at my aunt and uncles house in La Jolla, California. It was there that I was exposed to the teachings of Deepak Chopra M.D. on mind-body connection and the theory that we can use our imagination to create the lives we want.

Since then I have studied psychology, practiced the Law of Attraction and researched the neuroscience behind how it works.

Using this knowledge and experience to help individuals transform their own lives is a joy for me.

It is the ultimate in self empowerment, which is why I like it so much.

We have all been in jobs we hate…

We all want to be in a satisfying relationship…

Experience health and vitality…

Live in that dream house, feel free…

I have devised a way of working with individuals based on my research and my own life experience that includes gaining clarity about our dreams, identifying blocks to those dreams and how to change your life step by step in daily practical way to achieve them.

Whether it’s pursuing a dream around career, life or relationship taking back control beings begins here!

A FREE 10 minute Discovery Call helps us identify the area of focus.

From there fortnightly and eventually monthly sessions help us track progress and turn ideas into reality.

How the process works:

Coaching means working together to explore and identify goals and the blocks to these goals. A goal could be around making a life or career change, a personal development improvement, a health and wellness change etc. Identifying potential blocks or self-sabotaging behaviours to achieving these goals will be equally important. Homework will be set after each session so the client knows their course of action and focus between sessions. Accountability to a coach also helps with

An initial session will be a discussion of the area you want to work on and any changes or outcomes you would like to see. A brief history of the client will be taken and any areas of struggle noted.

As sessions progress more subconscious material will be illuminated and progress will be charted as new insights and advances are made. A one-off clarity session is available to tease out the issue, to illuminate it and perhaps to discover any fears or blocks to fulfilling the goal or making the change.

A six session bundle will be available. Once the work begins clients need to give themselves six sessions to see progress. These are evenly spaced over 12 weeks and last 50 minutes each. Homework is assigned to the client to complete between sessions and a discussion of their progress takes place in the following session providing the crucial motivating accountability.

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