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The Courage to Connect

We are relational beings. Yet relating is often difficult for us and we can carry negative cycles learned from childhood into our current relationships quite unconsciously. Using my professional training in psychotherapy, early childhood psychology and couples therapy as well as lived experience of my own personal experience in marriage, relationships and all their complexities is an area of deep interest and hope for me.

As a therapist I aim to provide a safe space for both partners to express their emotional needs, and fears and be heard and validated. I help each partner in the relationship to understand their own needs and that of their partner.

I also work with the couple to identify the negative triggers and reactions that have formed the patterns of conflict in which they have often become stuck. When both partners are committed to working on the relationship, a satisfying, deeply connected, emotionally supportive relationship is possible, perhaps for the first time.

Couples therapy ideally takes a commitment of weekly sessions for up to three months. Sessions last an hour and a half.

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